Now you can avail fast cab services in Lahore to all the main cities of Punjab, Fast track tours & Rentals was already dealing in rent a car ,tour management ,buying & selling of cars. Now we are stepping forward to bring you another services with v cheap fairs. We have made easy to get your private transport with highly skilled driver to reach your destination with ease.
We are just a call away.

  • Lahore to Sailkot Drop PKR Rs: 6000
  • Lahore to Islamabad drop Motorway Rs:11000 and GT Road Rs: 10000
  • Lahore to Peshwar drop Motorway 13000
  • Lahore to Faisalabad drop Motorway Rs: 6500and GT Road Rs: 5500
  • Lahore to Multan drop Multan Road Rs: 12000
  • Lahore to Bahawalpur drop Rs: 14000
  • Lahore to Rahim Yar Khan drop Rs: 17000
  • Lahore to Gujranwala drop Rs: 4500
  • Lahore to Sahiwal drop Rs: 6500